Catrina’s Weight Loss Snapshot

Hello everybody!
I am excited to share with you a weight loss journey that we got a glimpse of last year. Catrina was featured in the February edition of the 2013 newsletter. Here is an update of her journey. If you have any questions for Catrina please put those in the comment section.

Catrina, Age: 40
Starting Weight – 200 Pounds  
Ending Weight – 145 Pounds 
What caused you to gain weight? Bad eating habits and lack of exercise. 
Did you/ Do you have any health problems? High Blood and a borderline diabetic.  
Was this instrumental in helping you lose weight? Yes  
How did you lose the weight? I had a little professional help, changing my eating habits and exercise, and some support from family and friends.  
Last year you stated you wanted to lose 30 pounds, did you meet/exceed your goal? Yes 
What tips did you use that helped you in your weight loss journey? Portion control, learning how to weigh my food, eating more fruits and vegetables. 
What are your future goals?  Try to maintain my weight and do more exercise to tone. 
Thanks Catrina and keep up the good work!
Note: Correction on the picture it states Catrina’s final weight as 140 pounds but it’s actually 145.
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The Power of Words


Have you heard this saying before? “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”. Well I’m here to tell you this is not true. Words will hurt you, especially the words you say about yourself.

When you are making a lifestyle change what you say can affect your attitude toward that change;  I can do this vs. I can’t do this. The more you tell yourself something the more you are inclined to believe it. Words have power, what are you saying/declaring over your life?

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What is the Purpose of Winter Season?

Well it’s winter season again; time for coats, boots, hats, scarfs, and etc…. Winter is also known as the season where people stay inside their houses. What is the purpose of winter? And why is winter important?  This is a question God had placed on my heart late last year.  Since winter is the season most people are “inside” this can force us to look, be, and examine ourselves. Now some people may wonder how is this a good thing? This is good because during the new year everyone usually want to make some type of change. Winter gives us the chance to work on those changes, goals, and mindsets while allowing us to bring them into habit before we are out and about with people (who may not understand or support you). By using this unique opportunity to establish those habits in our lives it then can become a lifestyle for us. What lifestyle do you see for yourself? I want to challenge you to begin to create the lifestyle you want during this winter season while you still have time to cultivate it on the inside. So that when you go “outside” those truths, goals, and mindsets are already shaping your life and will help you to continue on your journey when you have distractions that might be found on the “outside”. I think we need to consider winter a good season and thank God for it!

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“Rustic Ratatouille Tart for the January Dark” (Gluten Free)

Looks very good.

food on fifth

rustic ratatouille tart

“The days are short, The sun a spark Hung thin between The dark and dark. (Poem by John Updike, “January”)

January has been a month of extreme cold & many sunless days. It has been a month of long days for me on photo shoots..arising before dawn and returning home way after dark. It has been a month to test the hearty, tire out the tireless and make us all yearn for lighter times.

In January I crave homey foods such as rich hot soups, winter greens salads with crusty homemade croutons, roasted vegetables of any kind topped with crumbly cheeses.  Comfort foods that are easy to make but complex in flavor…dishes that I can whip up from whatever is in the pantry & refrigerator at any given time…dinners that require no grocery runs or long lists of ingredients.

Ratatouille Tart

This gluten-free “Rustic Ratatouille Tart”  is one such dish…

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5 Steps to Help You Start Over

We have just begun a new year and most people have made goals they want to accomplish during 2014. When a new year comes in it seems like it’s a good time to “start over” and begin to do something different or new. One of the most recognized goals people have is to get healthy and lose weight. I want to share with you 5 steps that I am implementing on my journey to living healthy; I hope these steps can help you on yours also.

The first step is making a choice. You have to choose to start this journey. This is important because by making a choice you recognize this journey will have ups and downs but you have decided to work through those. This step is more of an intentional way to have a positive mindset during the process.

The second step is to make a plan. Planning helps you to have specifics available that will help you to stay on track. By having a plan it can help to stop some of the “unknowns” from happening. I want to put a warning here. Please don’t get stuck in the planning phase. It has happened to me; I planned and planned and didn’t “do” (take action).

The third step is to start implementing your plan. You may start off with small steps but it is a step in the right direction. A small step could be to buy more vegetables and stop drinking soda. When implementing your plan be careful not to start off with unrealistic goals because you may over stretch yourself and get overwhelmed; this could possibly cause you to give up.

The fourth step is to find a system that will help you track your progress. One of the purposes of tracking your progress is so you can see and recognized your changes which will help keep you motivated on continuing your journey. Some of the systems you can use to help track your progress are My Fitness Pal, Weight Watchers, Spark People, your doctor, a weight loss clinic, etc….. Warning: Sometimes when you accomplish these goals you will want to reward yourself. I would not recommend you reward yourself with food. If your trying to stop overeating rewarding yourself with food can become a habit of eating every time something good happens.

The fifth step is very important; get an accountability partner or coach. During a portion of my journey I had a couple of friends I was accountable to but sometimes a friend can be very restrictive or too lenient. Unless you are led to be answerable to that person you may have to look outside your immediate circle of friends because sometimes friends or family may not understand your struggles. Now please don’t get me wrong you NEED friends and family support during this process but they may not be the best accountability coach.

A bonus step is to find (seek) resources that will help you on your journey; be proactive! You can find these resources either online, through your circle of friends (relationships), or by another avenue. But remember your journey is your journey. No one can do it for you but if you need help please ask for it! Sharon

Additional Info:

I will be continually updating this blog in January so please be patient with me during this process.

Any questions or concerns you have can be e-mailed to; I most likely will change this in the future but for now send all inquiries here.

Thanks again, Sharon

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Welcome to the Living Healthy Inside and Out Blog!

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to my blog! People that personal know me may have come to this site because of the newsletter I write. For those who don’t know me I need to give you a little history on how this blog got started.
Year 2012 – I was working a job where I rotate shifts every month and my off days fluctuate. ( I am currently still working that job) I was not in the best of health and I knew that something needed to change. All around me there were people going through all kinds of health problems. It got to a boiling point in December 2012; I was at the point where I needed to do SOMETHING, for myself as well as other people. So I started a healthy living newsletter; now just image a overweight person starting a healthy newsletter! [I will elaborate more on this topic in another post]. I shared this idea with my friend and we prayed about it; with hesitation I started the newsletter. In the beginning it was only for my co-workers but then it grew to other people outside of work who wanted to read it. The name of the newsletter was the “Healthy Living Newsletter”.  I was excited about the newsletter, I had my best friend to help me write some of the articles. It was to come out every month, with challenges, prizes, and etc…… Well by the end of the May issue I was so overwhelmed, frustrated, not accountable in my weight loss journey, and so many other emotions that I just stopped the newsletter.
I ended up taking the summer off from doing the newsletter, now this was without explaining anything to the readers about what was going on. By August I begin to regroup and remember why the newsletter was started in the first place. I knew I wanted to start the newsletter back up but I also knew there had to be some changes made. I started making plans for the newsletter and where I wanted it to go. One of the changes was to only publish the newsletter 4 times a year. I wrote a Fall edition newsletter which went out in October 2013, the newsletter apologize to my readers and explained that some changes were in store for the next year. It was basically the same format but a particular article I wrote was a little different from normal. When I started writing this article it was about the benefits of walking but the Holy Spirit led me in a different direction!  The article was called “Succeed or Fail? It’s All Up To My Attitude!”. Since that newsletter I have felt God leading me in a different direction of what He wanted the newsletter to say.
So January 2014 started getting closer and closer, I still hadn’t wrote the next newsletter. I had written the potential outline for the newsletter and what changes I plan to make, but I had not written any of the articles yet!  In December 2013 God started giving me “nuggets” to write about. I noticed the more time I spent with Him the more He put on my heart what needed to be said. All of the topics He put on my heart were not just about food and exercise, but they are about living healthy inside and out! I started feeling a little frustrated again with the newsletter process when I took my concerns to God the word blog came to mind. Now I always knew I would start a blog eventually but I didn’t know that it would possibly take the place of the newsletter. Part of the reasoning behind this was because when God puts something on my heart to share I need to share it and waiting 3 months to tell people was too long! So the Living Healthy Inside and Out blog was started! [I will write a later post with more details about the significance of the blog’s name] I am hoping you continue with me on this journey. I know this is a change from the newsletter that was previously presented but it is what is needed. I am not without fault so please be forgiving when mistakes happen. I do not have weight loss success yet but I am working toward that goal. This blog will share what God has put on my heart as well as other things that will happen on my journey to living healthy inside & out.

Additional Info:
You can follow this blog by e-mail so when new entries are posted you be notified. 
I will be continually updating this blog in January so please be patient with me during this process.
Any questions or concerns you have can be e-mailed to; I most likely will change this in the future but for now send all inquiries here. 
Thanks again,  Sharon
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