It’s A Process!

Hello, Everyone!

It’s been a little while since I made a post and I wanted to share with you something that God is showing me. My journey is a process! I know that sounds very simple but how many of us want to hurry up and see results; I know I do! I am the type of person after a few weeks I want to lose over 10 pounds and when that doesn’t happen I can get frustrated. In these last few weeks I have been having no choice but to learn/develop patience. I have been losing pounds, then gaining, then losing, then gaining again. At this point I don’t even want to see a scale! But instead of focusing on what the scale says, I need to focus on what my body is saying to me. My body is getting stronger, it’s developing more stamina, and my clothes on my body even seems to be getting bigger on me :-). So for anyone who is focus on the number on the scale remember the scale is only one of the tools you can use to gage how your journey is going.

Okay back to the process, are we willing to put in the time and effort which will develop the character that we need in this journey.  Remember in the Why Living Healthy Inside Out post we talked about character consisting of our behaviors, and our behaviors are the manner in which we function or operate in. So what type of behaviors do you need for this journey. A behavior I need is consistency; I need to be consist in my eating, in my exercising, and in my thinking (remember what we said about our thoughts!).  Rushing through this process will not allow me to fully develop the behaviors I need. So if you are struggling right now I just want you to let the process do it’s work. As long as your doing the right things it will happen, trust God!

One of the physical struggles I am going through at this moment is pain in my knees. I have heard people say that as you get older your body gets more stiff. (Also falling down the stairs during the end of winter did not help). Well let me tell you I have been relying on God’s strength to get me through my exercises. When I get on the treadmill I want to go faster, and I know I can do it but my knees says otherwise. Have you ever got to the point where you are going for it and then something tries to stop you from accomplishing your goal? Well this is how this particular pain feels to me. Don’t Give Up! I may have to change something in my regiment but I don’t want to stop or lose momentum. I received an article today from the Prevention website called Knees Hurt How To Keep Moving! Only God directed me to this article. It was just the push I needed to not give in to the pain but also gave me different options on helping with the problem. You may be struggling with something but trust God, He will give you what you need. I hope your journey’s are going good, feel free to update me on them in the comment section.

Loving and Living Healthy Inside and Out,

About rosewatershay

Hello, my name is Sharon. I am currently in the process of getting healthy. So many people around me were having health issues (including me) that I knew I had to do something about it. I am hoping my journey, the ups & downs, can inspire you - just like I hope your journeys, tips, and encouragement can inspire me. I am not perfect! I started this journey and quit before out of frustration (and laziness) last year (2013); I am doing things a little different in 2014. Instead of just focusing on the outside I am learning the inside has a lot to do with weight loss also. The posts I share are thoughts, information, questions that God has placed on my heart. I hope you will go with me on this journey of living healthy inside and out. Thank You
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