The Difference Between Goals, Planning & Scheduling

How many of us have a plan for weight loss? Is it just for a week? A month? or a year? Is it really a plan or is it just a set of goals? Okay definition time 🙂

 Goal – The result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.
Plan – A proposed or tentative project or course of action.
Schedule – A timetable; a written list of times; a plan of procedure for a project, allotting the work to be done and the time for it.
I have been struggling with balancing my weight loss plan with my life. What I am beginning to realized that I don’t have a plan for weight loss I have a set of goals that I want to accomplish for weight loss. Goals are great things to have but having a actual plan to implement is soooooo important. If you remember in my 5 Steps to Help You Start Over the 2nd step was to make a plan; well a warning I had was not to get stuck in the planning phase; So warning #2 make sure you are actually making a plan not just a set of goals! BE SPECFIC AS YOU CAN! 
I am taking time this weekend to write my plan. A plan should expand on your goals and let it be known what course of action you will take to get to your goals. Now this is where scheduling comes in; scheduling is the timetable that you plan to accomplish your goals. Scheduling also keeps you accountable to yourself and you will know what you are and are not doing.  Before you can take action (or implement your plan) you have to know where you are going, how you’re going to get there, and how long it should take. If you don’t have these you will not go anywhere. 
Loving and Living Healthy Inside and Out,

About rosewatershay

Hello, my name is Sharon. I am currently in the process of getting healthy. So many people around me were having health issues (including me) that I knew I had to do something about it. I am hoping my journey, the ups & downs, can inspire you - just like I hope your journeys, tips, and encouragement can inspire me. I am not perfect! I started this journey and quit before out of frustration (and laziness) last year (2013); I am doing things a little different in 2014. Instead of just focusing on the outside I am learning the inside has a lot to do with weight loss also. The posts I share are thoughts, information, questions that God has placed on my heart. I hope you will go with me on this journey of living healthy inside and out. Thank You
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