Why living healthy inside and out?

Have you ever heard the phrase “from the inside out”? Now some of us may just use the phrase but do we truly understand what this means? Before I break this down I have to let you know I am a definition person.  I like to look up the meaning of words even if I already basically know what they mean because some definitions may give you a clearer understanding of the word.

Living – possessing life, active or thriving,  lifestyle,  behavior,  present.

Healthy – having or indicating good health in body or mind free from infirmity or disease,  fit, well, wholesome, sound, strong,  active.

Inside – an inner or interior part, inward character or perceptions or feelings.

Out – on sale or on view to the public,  exposed,  common knowledge.

God has been putting from the inside out on my heart for over a year now. Everywhere I went,  everything I listened to always mentioned inside and out.  You know when you are constantly hearing something we need to stop and ask God to help us understand what He is saying to us.

When I kept hearing inside and out I believe God was telling me the change I need would come from/start from the inside.  If we look at the definition of inside it states the inward character.  Character can consist of behaviors that you have. Behavior is the manner in which something functions or operates, so changing your behavior can change your life. This can entail changing what you look at, what you hear, and possibly what you eat.

As I move into my journey God is showing me just how much my inside behaviors are affecting my outside (body). Remember the definition of outside “on view to the public”. So the public is now aware of my lack of self-control. So while I am struggling the realization that everyone can see my struggle can be a hard pill to swallow,  but at the same time going through this journey publicly can allow God to get some glory! I want to live! I want to live a healthy life! I can live a healthy life by changing from the inside out.


About rosewatershay

Hello, my name is Sharon. I am currently in the process of getting healthy. So many people around me were having health issues (including me) that I knew I had to do something about it. I am hoping my journey, the ups & downs, can inspire you - just like I hope your journeys, tips, and encouragement can inspire me. I am not perfect! I started this journey and quit before out of frustration (and laziness) last year (2013); I am doing things a little different in 2014. Instead of just focusing on the outside I am learning the inside has a lot to do with weight loss also. The posts I share are thoughts, information, questions that God has placed on my heart. I hope you will go with me on this journey of living healthy inside and out. Thank You
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